Goatlog, logging for continuous integration¶

Goatlog which is a rich logging mechanism intended to be primarilly used for Continuous Integration. Goatlog extends the standard python logging library and adds it some features so it is possible to send “rich” information (with context attached). It is then possible to use the standard logging mechanism, sending it custom messages, and goatlog will be able to format it in json.

The format has been primarly intended to be used within the python testing infrastructure, but is not tied to it and can be used in a different context. You may need to use goatlog if:

  • You want to decode information stored on the python testing infrastructure
  • You want a simple way to send information about execution of various tasks in a continuous integration system

This documentation is split into different parts: one describing the concepts involved with goatlog (kind of the specification of the json format) and one about the methods and classes proposed by goatlib.

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